Half the fun in the old days was stumbling across ads for Sea Monkeys, backyard nuclear submarines or giant inflatable Frankensteins, or "activity" pages that ranged from being simple enough to insult a 3-year-old to impossible even for a NASA scientist. These days all you'll find is full-page ads for movies, video games and CDs; in other words, all the things that 90 percent of American kids are spending their money on instead of comic books, anyway. But if you haunt those back-issue bins, you just might get lucky and find truly creepy little ads for joy buzzers, black soap and that all-time champ, the X-ray specs.
Palisades Park Advertisement
Cartoon Flip (circa 1950?)

The "Modocrylic" (1972)

Daisy BB Gun Advertisement (1965)
DC House Ad: Superman Annual (1967)

Corgi Toy Ad (1978)


Superman vs. Cyclops at the 1964 World's Fair

Superman Family Portrait
Direct Currents Hot-Line

Superman on Television

Super-Hero Stick-Ons
Bicentennial Belt Buckle
Superman's Space Satellite
Super Word Game
Heroes World Ad
World's Mightiest Mortal?!
Be A Good Citizen