Palisades Park Advertisement

Never having gone to Palisades Park, I can't say whether it was a big deal or not. But even as a kid, I sure thought it seemed low-rent, and the idea of DC's using Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman to advertise the place seemed really penny-ante to me. When you consider the characters' eventual fame on television and in major motion pictures, these old ads are like those commercials with Dustin Hoffman pitching Volkswagens or Ronald Reagan modeling shirts; embarassments from "struggling young artist" days. I can just see Supes and Bats now, relaxing by the pool in their designer shades and pretending they never had to start at the bottom like all the other big stars. Well, here's the proof, guys!

Still, you gotta love a place that offers so much for a mere 80 cents admission charge (and not even that much if you're willing to cut out this coupon).

A word to the youngsters, though: while it may have been stylish in the 60's, these days it's best to just say NO to a "free ride on the crazy crystals!"