Featured: Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez

Superman's premier cover artist in the late 1970s, Garcia-Lopez seemed poised to inherit Curt Swan's throne, until fate took Superman down a different road indeed.


Curt Swan

Superman's main artist for over 30 years defined the Man of Steel for generations of fans.


Neal Adams

Comics' master of hyper-realism streamlined Superman for the 70's and beyond.


Steve Rude

Influenced by the great comics and cartoons of the past, The Dude keeps alive the spirit of Classic Superman.


Jack Kirby

The King Of Comics had a brief but profound impact on the world's greatest superhero.



Nick Cardy

As the DC cover artist of the early 70's, Saint Nick attracted new readers with irresistable scenes of bone-crunching action, spine-tingling suspense and gut-wrenching angst.


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