There are probably as many opinions on Superman as there are Superman fans. But hey, if the rest of 'em want to editorialize, let 'em get their own sites, right?

I'll be using this space to share my personal views on what Superman means to me, to America and to the world, and where I think the various incarnations of the Man of Steel have succeeded or failed over the years.

Also I'll share my recollections of the experiences I've had, both good and bad, as a fan of Superman for nearly three decades. If any part of this site really qualifies as the "Confessions of a Superman Fan," this is it.

Superman: Overgrown Boy Scout? The perils of fighting for Truth, Justice and the American Way in an America that doesn't want your help.


My Career As A Super-Hero! Two-bit "Superboy" fights "crime" in a real-life "Smallville!"


Remembering Jor-El and Lara How an act of sacrifice made for a super man.


Superman vs. Beatlemania!

Christopher Reeve, 1952-2004 A respectful farewell to the movies' Man of Steel

Super-Villains (and Heroes) Amalgamated!


The Strange Loves of Superman