Aurora Superman model kit

In production for decades, albeit with different packaging, this dynamically posed kit provided a bond between generations of young Superman fans almost as strong as the airplane glue that stuck our fingers together.

"Superman Meets Computer Crook" View-Master Reels

Old-skool stereoptical shenanigans as the Man of Might tackles his most, his most, most memorable...okay, so he fights a generic bald scientist and a goofy robot. But what the heck, back in 1976 we loved it!

The Official Adventures of Superman Record

Audio adventures of the Man of Steel performed by the cast of the radio show and the Broadway muscial, "It's a Bird, It's A Plane, It's Superman." A fun record for the kid's market produced in 1966 at the height of Batman-inspired comic book mania. Hear two tracks from the original record!


Sliding Puzzle

Cheap thrills abound with this pocket-sized brain teaser from yesteryear.

Curt Swan Art

An original page from a 1970's issue of Action Comics, showcasing the masterful style of Supermans' most famous artist.

Avon Brush

As if truth, justice and the American way weren't enough, Superman takes up the cause of good grooming with this nifty hairbrush.

Hallmark Statue

Featuring a recreation of the cover to Superman (Vol. 1) Number 11, this statue is a nice tribute to the Golden Age Superman.

Superman Model Kit (Aurora)

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