Avon Hair Brush


One month back in 1976, my mom got an Avon catalog filled with little spot illos of guys in Superman suits. I think the theme was "gifts for your Superman" or something. Wish I still had it.

Anyway, one of the actual Superman products in the catalog was this hairbrush, which obviously I just had to have. It's a fairly heavyweight plastic with an inventive design, the only weak point being Superman's soft facial features (his face is merely painted on, with his nose the only sculpted detail).

With unusual foresight, I resisted the temptation to use this brush on a daily basis (or maybe it's just that I was a slob!). My mom recently dug it up and handed it over in the original box! (see below)

Just for the record, even with this officially authorized Super-brush I never did manage to give myself an "S"-shaped spit curl.