The Superman Family

I've always loved this image of the Superman family. I believe it began life as a pin-up for a Superman Annual, but I knew it from the back cover of the "record comic" included with a kit full of fun Superman items including a Supermen of America button and a secret code card.

I love how Curt Swan works everyone into the shot, including a convenient wading pool for Lori the Mermaid and the statues (?) of Superman's birth and foster parents, which with his usual unhealthy fixation on past tragedies he's painted up in lifelike skin tones and dressed with real clothes. Also I wonder what the criteria was for choosing Legionnaires. Lightning Lad, Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl make sense as the original members, but out of the remaining (huge) roster of members, why Chameleon Boy and Sun Boy? Possibly Cham got in because he's so obviously alien?

Another head-scratcher is Professor Potter, who I can't remember ever being a major player. Of course it's totally in character for Mxyzptlk to pop in and ruin the shot, but logically shouldn't Bizarro be frowning?