Super-Hero Stick-Ons!

As a youngster, I always drooled over this ad for superhero-themed stickers. You have to understand that back in the early 70s, superhero merchandise wasn't nearly as ubiquitous as it is today, so it didn't take much to get us excited.

The cool thing about these stickers was that they featured iconic versions of all DC's heavy hitters: the Swanderson Superman, a Neal Adams Batman, Gil Kane's Green Lantern. And they looked so BIG in that kid's hands. Hey, if anything's cooler to a kid than stickers, it's BIG stickers.

I'm not sure why I never got those things. Possibly the $3.45 price tag was too rich for my blood; you could buy 17 comics for that price, with enough left over for a candy bar! More likely, though, my Mom torpedoed the idea, imagining herself having to scrape the Justice League off the walls of the house to repaint. (Remember those old disclaimers? "Do not stick where Mom would not approve." Come to think of it, following that credo could've saved my generation all kinds of misery.)

Recently -- maybe when reading the DC Vault book -- I happened on a picture of Bob Rozakis and his wife Laurie in front of the DC Comicmobile in the early 70s (now there's an idea for a post) and the vehicle was just covered with these things. Possibly that's another mental image that helped Mom say "no": no matter how good an idea it might seem to an overenthusiastic pre-teen, the application of Batman stickers will not transform a Country Squire station wagon into "the Batmobile."

So anyway, I'm wondering: did anybody out there actually buy these things, and if so, were they as cool as they looked? Where did you stick them or have you held on to them, unused, for all these years?