Superman's Space Satellite

Move over, Sputnik. Make way, TELSTAR. The Man of Steel is entering the space race with not one but three satellites, and they're powered with the whole-grain goodness of Kellogg's Corn Flakes.

Somehow, I'm doubting these "satellites" achieved escape velocity, even with a super-finger pulling the trigger, but I've no doubt they provided plenty of entertainment for young fans of Superman and the space program back in the day.

It's kind of funny if you take the image literally, though; Superman looks inordinately pleased with himself, playing around with a plastic kid's toy. You'd think even if he was into this sort of thing, he'd do it in his Clark Kent civvies and not his battle togs.

The only gripe I have with items like this -- and the infamous "Kryptonite rock" from the 70s -- is that once you get it out of the box, there's really nothing to tie it to Superman. It's just a colorful pistol. Thus for Superman collectors, I'd have to think having the Corn Flakes box itself -- and even this ad from a comic -- are just as good if not better than having the toy itself.

Not that it would have stopped me from begging Mom and Dad for a quarter and cutting off that boxtop. Up up and awaaaaay!